O’Sensei Joe Puleio

Founder and director of American Jiu Jitsu Centers. O’Sensei has two wonderful children, Joey and Marissa. He has been training for over 5 decades in the martial arts and is a 9th degree Black Belt in the art of self defense.

O’Sensei has also been received Godan rank 5th degree Black Belt directly under Grand Master Shoto Tanemura in Kokusai Jiu Jitsu, and has received rank in Arnis Lanada directly under Grand Master Lanada in the art of Philippine Knife and Stick Fighting. O’Sensei has taught at “Meet The Masters” and “Jiu Jitsu American” for several years along with the top instructors in the world.

O’Sensei Puleio is a professional speaker, seminar leader, and entrepreneur. O’Sensei Puleio has given seminars around the country on self defense, rape prevention, goal setting, and special child protection to develop self-esteem. O’Sensei Puleio specializes in corporate awareness teaching self defense for corporate travel and dealing with stress management. O’Sensei has taught at some of the finest schools and corporations in the country. His accomplishments have been recognized and awarded by many professionals in the field.

O’Sensei Puleio has trained thousands of students, among them over 600 Black Belts who teach American Jiu Jitsu all around the country today.

2019: Invited to teach US Army Cadets at West Point Academy​

2011-2013-2016​: Invited to teach combatives to the US Dept of Defense at The Pentagon

2014: Promoted to 9th Degree and Title of Professor by a committee of the top Martial Artists in NewYork

2010: Inducted to the board of directors of L I Hall of Fame awarded Pioneer of the Martial Arts.

2007: Achieved The Level Of Hachidan 8th degree Black Belt.

2003: Nominated by the board of directors of Action Martial Art magazine for the “Lifetime Dedication to Martial Arts” award.

2000: Nominated by the board of directors of Action Martial Art magazine for
the “Lifetime Dedication to Martial Arts” award.

1998: Received Bushido award for the “Growth and Unity of the Martial Arts” at the Nick Adler’s Northeastern Open.

1997: Received “Man of the Year” and “Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts” awards from Grand Master Don Nagle of American Okinawan Karate Association Inc.

1996: Opened a state of the art facility in St. James, NY

1995: Inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame
Awarded “Promoter of the year” from the “Grand Master International”

1994: Founder & Promoter Top Kick Championship Kick Boxing

1993: Co-founder of International Martial Arts Federation

1984: Founder Of American Jiu Jitsu Centers




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